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LENTEIN™ is an award-winning Non-GMO whole plant protein from the Lemna family that is one of the World’s Most Complete Foods - A Super Protein, Super Green and Super Omega, All in One Plant! Simply one of the most important advances in plant-based nutrition

795 Grams, 39.75 grams per serving


PV: 35

#1 PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: BEST FOR YOUR FITNESS This is a whole food protein that's the highest in naturally occurring essential amino acids and BCAAS. No other plant comes even close.

#1 SUPER-FOOD: BEST FOR YOUR HEALTH Lentein has the highest nutrient density. Higher than kale, spinach and even moringa with more Omega 3s, antioxidants, micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals than any other plant.

#1 SUSTAINABLE CROP: BEST FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Lentein is sustainably aqua farmed, has a near zero carbon food print, grows in 48 hours, is harvested 365 days a year and 98% of water used to grow it is recycled.

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